Monday, August 9, 2010

The "Joy" in the Joyner's

The Joyner family arrived a little early and eager to get started with their beautiful blonde haired children.  I am pretty sure if you looked up the word "hilarious" you would probably find a picture of the Joyner family!  

It is such a fun job to be a photographer when you have such great entertaining people to capture.  It is always fun to chase children around...that is why I usually wear tennis shoes, tied tight, by the way!
Tim and Kristi are the proud parents of two sweet children, Logan and Makena.  The children are very easy to spot with their gorgeous blonde locks and big blue eyes.  Absolutely adorable is the only way to describe them. 

It was a pleasure to spend some time on a beautiful Sunday evening with the Joyner's.  May God bless this special family!

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