Monday, August 9, 2010

The Holt Sisters

The Holt sisters are such a ball of fun!  Hannah and Sydney are just a little over a year apart and from a distance you might even think they are twins.  Hannah is the oldest and inquisitive with a great sense of humor, while Sydney is laid back and whitty!  Together, they are absolutely perfect.  We had such fun walking around to find just the perfect spots to capture their special sister bond.  
There is nothing like having a best friend for life.  That is pretty much what you get when you are lucky enough to have a sister!  These two are blessed to have each other and I can only imagine the secrets those two will hold for each other in the future and the good times they will share.  Their bond is apparent just by watching them interact. 

By the end of the session we had overheard several giggles and witnessed several smiles despite the heat.  There is just something about a child's giggles that will warm your heart, isn't it?  May Hannah and Sydney always share a special bond and may they always have a best friend in each other, no matter how many years pass. I have no doubt that as they grow older they will grow even closer!  As the session came to a close we decided to have them face one another and we ended up getting one of my favorite pictures of the whole day out of it.  Sometimes it is just the innocent expressions that say the most and I love how their bodies made a semi-heart shape.  I think this shot pretty much sums up the Holt sisters!

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